First Book is called Rigth from wrong and it to teach kids how to leann from my mistakes and its also an autobio of me, The Second Book is called Adreinline Rush and is to teach kids how to enjoy all the different types of adreiniline instead of all the different drugs that are out there.

Jail Buster is a CARTOON that will teach 365 kids  per 365 episodes a year, which means in the long run thats 365 kids a year that don't go to jail and learn the hard way in the past like I did, Theres 25 VILLANS and 25 SUPER HEROS both books and the cartoon are all true story living and still leanring, The main caracters are Jail Buster and Henco Hottie, Jail Buster helps the male use, and Henco Hottie helps the female use, and stay tooned for pictures of Jail Buster and Henco Hottie plus theres 3 more books to teach kids about life that haven't got to the editor yet.

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